Thursday, August 27, 2009


The story of Josiah's birth

On Friday night, August 21, 2009, we were having a tremendous youth service. I had asked Bro. Nate Ruiz to preach just in case I wasn't there in the event that Josiah decided to come early.

Well, I did make it to service and was ready to preach. I went to the microphone at around 8:10pm and was exhorting a little bit when Bro. Nate comes up to me with this serious look and says, "Bro. Frank, you're wife's water just broke." (Apparently, while Alicia was sitting in the back, her water broke. She told Chad Bradley, who was standing near by, to tell Bro. Nate). Without even thinking I replied in astonishment, "My wife's water just broke, well looks like I won't be preaching after all!" The youth group erupted in shouting and clapping. I couldn't figure out if they were rejocing because I wasn't going to preach, or because my wife was going into labour.

Bro. Nate says, "Do you want to continue preaching?"
I said, "Are you kidding me? You're ready, go ahead and preach."

I then told the youth group, "Ok, we're about to go have a natural birth, but don't let that stop what has been happening in this service tonight. Let's see something be birthed in the Spirit here tonight!

I then got off the pulpit and walked straighted down the middle aisle with the youth group cheering me on both sides. That was really special and neat. We love and appreciate our youth group very much!

From there we headed home to pick up our stuff and then to the hospital.

For the next 24 hours, it was one crazy roller coaster ride. My wife was such a trooper. For the first night, I did not get any sleep. I just wanted to make sure she was ok. Words cannot even describe what a woman goes through during child labor. All I could see was the agony in her face and hear the torture in her voice. That was enough to tear me apart inside.

The next day, it was the same thing. Finally, at 8:10pm, Saturday, August, 22, I'll never forget seeing my baby's face come up and practically look me in the eyes as he was coming out. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. It was also the most frightening because as I looked down I saw the umbilical cord wrapped around his poor little neck and he was blue. Doctor Tsai was quick and cut the cord from around his neck. However, the baby was quickly transfered to some nurses standing nearby. They took him and placed an oxgen mask on him and were moving him around in a weird way because he was having trouble breathing. He wasn't crying and my heart just fell.

My mother-in-law and I began to call out the wonderful name of Jesus. We were not ashamed or embarrassed to pray out loud. Josiah's life was in danger. I remember boldyly saying, "Jesus," and then hearing an outburst of baby crying. I began to thank God for his mercy.

Thankfully, Alicia did not know exactly what was going on but she did know something was wrong and prayed.

A nurse quickly let Alicia see Josiah and placed him on Alicia's chest. Then the nurse took Josiah to the NICU to get his breathing stablized. I went with Josiah and the nurse.

Once again, in the NICU, I prayed. Then I called Pastor Frost to pray. Thank God, Josiah only had to be in there for just a little over an hour.

Once Josiah was brought back into the room, and it was just Alicia, Josiah, and me, I prayed again. I prayed over my family. I thanked God for this special opportunity. I thank God that my wife and Josiah were okay.

When people say, "Your life changes over night!" I truly know what they mean now. I sat there realizing how blessed I was.

My love, respect, and admiration for my wife has tremendously grown. I love her so much. My love for God and his mercy is undescribable. I love him more than words can say and thank him. We're but fragile beings in the hands of a mighty God.

Thank you all who prayed and continue to pray for our family!


Frankie, Alicia, and Josiah

Two months ago, Alicia actually dreamed that Josiah would be born on August 22nd, and he was!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Josiah is born!

Well, it is with great joy to present the first official blog about the new birth of our son, Josiah Frankie Cabrera. In the next post, we will tell the story of his birth.

For now, here are the statistics:

DATE BORN: August 22, 2009
TIME: 8:10 pm
WEIGHT: 6lbs, 6oz
HEIGHT: 20 in. long

Welcome to our little part of the net!

Well, now that Josiah is born (Woohoo), we have decided to put together this blog for all our family and friends, particularly for all of you that live out of town.

We love and appreciate everyone of you and hope you enjoy this blogspot and keeping up with our little family.

Wecome to Frank, Alicia, & Josiah Cabrera's blogspot!